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What If….?

Judi Moreillon, Author

Maximizing School Librarian Leadership: Building Connections for Learning and Teaching (ALA 2018)


ALA Store Author Spotlight - AASL National Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 2021


Given the emphasis on literacy and reading in schools and districts, it makes intuitive sense that students’ reading and writing proficiency and standardized test scores would be better in schools with a strong library program.


What if  EVERY K-12 school librarian placed an intentional focus on teaching
to improve students’ reading comprehension and made it a top priority?



Decades of research indicate that there is a positive correlation between learners’ attending schools with full-time, state-certified school librarians and higher scores on standardized reading tests (Gretes 2013; Lance and Kachel 2018).


Deep reading for comprehension and meaning making is the foundation for constructing knowledge (Todd 2015, 13).



Students cannot be information literate if they cannot comprehend the information they read/view/hear.


Definition of An Effective School Library

• supports, supplements, and elevates the literacy experience through guidance and motivational reading initiatives.


The School Librarian’s Role in Reading: Collaborate

The school librarian is an instructional partner who models and supports independent reading and the development of reading comprehension through curricular planning, instruction, resources, and literacy activities. School librarians:

• Co-design, co-implement, and co-evaluate interdisciplinary lessons and units of instruction that help learners increase reading proficiency through inquiry learning experiences.

• Collaborate with classroom educators and specialists to integrate paper and online reading

comprehension strategies in library instruction that supports learners’ development.


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