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Tucson Unified School District

School Librarian Restoration Project

2018 - 2020



Background - 2018

Former TUSD school librarian and advocate Judi Moreillon met with Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo in July, 2018 and again in December, 2018. Dr. Trujillo is in sync with our effort in terms of the critical importance o thef roles school librarians and libraries play in students' literacy development.


To begin this campaign, we aligned the advocacy effort with TUSD MIddle School Improvement Plans, in the area of reading.  Dr. Trujillo is encouraging members of the advocacy team to meet with Board and community members to further this effort. He shares our ultimate goal of restoring school librarian positions in all TUSD schools and wants to work with the Board to find the funds to do so. The middle school focus is a first step.


Early in 2019

A group of dedicated advocates, organized in spring, 2019, began supporting the TUSD School Librarian Restoration Project. Advocates include former TUSD school librarians, retired principals, school library aides, and parents. We have spoken at the Calls to the Audience at Governing Board meetings and met with individual board members. We have connected with the School Community Partnership Council and we usually have a representative that attends their meetings.


We created a Google Drive folder with resources for this effort. There you will find School Librarians and Libraries Fast Facts, sample email communications, Calls to the Audience, and more. We are including two of these resources here:


Fast Facts: 02_Fast_Facts_School_Libraries_2019.pdf



Lance, Keith Curry, and Debra Kachel. 2018. “Why School Librarians Matter: What Years of Research Tell Us.” Phi Delta Kappan Online. http://www.kappanonline.org/lance-kachel-school-librarians-matter-years-research/


As We Approach the End of the Fall Semester, 2019

A sub-committee revised the current TUSD School Librarian and Library Aide job descriptions. We met with TUSD Human Resources (HR) in October, 2019, to share these draft documents. Judi met with HR again in November, and the position description for school librarians is slated to be finalized before winter break, 2019.


We continue to communicate or meet with Superintendent Trujillo, members of the Governing Board, and the TUSD HR Department.


As of November 2, Bruce A. Burke was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Governing Board. We will be scheduling individual meetings with him in November and December.


This infographic shows the process we engaged in during the first year of this project: We Need You! Building Advocacy Coalitions


Presentations at the Arizona Library Association, November, 2019


Arizona Daily Star Op-Ed: "Committing to a Brighter Future for Arizona's Children" (12/13/19)


Plans for 2020

Advocates will continue to speak at the Governing Board meetings during the Calls to the Audience.


Confirmed (12/6/19): Five positions will be posted in 2020. The sub-committee will continue to work with the TUSD HR Department to ensure that the Board-approved positions are posted and filled in Spring, 2020. We hope to work with HR and the superintendent to attract the most prepared professional school librarians to fill these positions.


Attention Advocates

If you are in support of the TUSD School Librarian Restoration Project's goals and process, please sign on to this list of advocates.


At some point in the future, the project may decide to share this list with district decision-makers. Thank you for your support.


Governing Board Meetings and Contact Information

     Governing Board Meeting Page

          Next Meeting: February 18, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. (Special Meeting) at Duffy, 5145 E. Fifth Street.


     Governing Board President's Emai Address:  Kristel Ann Foster

     Members' Email Addresses: Bruce A. Burke, Leila Counts, Adelita Grijalva, and Rachael Sedgwick


School Community Partnership Council

     Meeting Information Page

          Next Meeting: March 11, 2020 at 5:45 p.m. at Catalina High School, 3645 E Pima Street



For more information or answers to your questions, please contact lead advocate Judi Moreillon: info@storytrail.com


Last Updated: February 16, 2020



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