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Page history last edited by Judi Moreillon 5 years, 9 months ago

LS5443: Librarians As Instructional Partners


These portraits were created by students in LS5443. After taking the Hartzell Needs Assessment and the Jung Topology Test, they created these portraits using Web 2.0 Tools.


These students have volunteered to share their work They have verified that ALL of their media is original and that they have permission to distribute all media on the Web, or that the media they used is copyright-free, which they cited.


Note: The professor retains signed permission forms for all posted student work examples.


Name: Judi Moreillon

Tool: Animoto

Title: "Share the Learning and the Fun"


Name: Amanda Dorris

Tool: Prezi.com

Title: “Portrait of a Collaborator


Name: Roger Grape

Tool: PowToon

Title: "Partner Plea for LS5443"


Name: Crystal Kulle

Tool: Animoto

Title: "Collaborate with Me!"


Name: Jamie Lath

Tool: Powtoon

Title: "Wanna Collaborate"


Name: Lynda Muller

Tool: Prezi.com

Title: “Portrait of a Collaborator


Name: Charlotte Odom

Tool: Glogster

Title: "Working to Educate"


Name: Sabrina Ramirez

Tool: Animoto

Title: "Power in Partnerships"


Name: Liz Sikes

Tool: Prezi.com

Title: "From Classroom to Conference Room"


Name: Gwen Waller

Tool: Glogster

Title: "Gwen Waller: Portrait of a Collaborator"


Name: Shanon Welch

Tool: Animoto

Title: "Learning Is an Adventure"


Name: AnnMarie Williams

Tool: Glogster

Title: "AnnMarie Williams' Collaboration Station"


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