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Storytelling Matters: Reach Out with Digital Advocacy Stories

Arizona Library Association Conference

4 November 2016


Presentation PowerPoint (.pdf files) AzLA_Advocacy_Digital_Storytelling.pdf


Handout Storytelling_Matters_Graphic_Organizer.pdf


Digital Storytelling Tools

Follow this link to find brief descriptions of free Web 2.0 tools to use for digital advocacy storytelling.


Sample Process

Coteachers: Step Out of the Box - Together! A sample advocacy video from inception to final product


References/Resources for Advocacy Storytelling


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StoryCenter (formerly Center for Digital Storytelling)


Word Cloud. 2016. Wordle.net. http://wordle.net.


Sample Professional PSAs




Message (One-sentence Theme)

Target Audience(s)


2016 Summit Award


Every Child Ready to Read® helps parents prepare their children for reading readiness.

All Library Stakeholders

ASAE Power of A Awards


Introducing the Coconino County Bookmobile


The Coconino County bookmobile has resources that meet the diverse needs of the community it serves.

Rural Library Stakeholders

Shared by session participant Claudine Randazzo


Library Card PSA - Forbes Library


The public library offers a wide variety of services for patrons of all ages.

All Possible Library Users

Jason & Steven


Promoting Your School Library


School libraries led by professional school librarians transform learning.

All Library Stakeholders

Australia Library and Information Association



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