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The New Bake Sale for School Libraries




Renee Dyer,


Weslaco East High School


Judi Moreillon,

Associate Professor,

Texas Woman's University


Thursday, 21 April 2016

10:00: a.m. to 10:50 a.m.

Texas Library Association Conference

Houston, Texas

George R. Brown Convention Center

Room #310 ABC (Level 3)



Crowdsourcing/crowdfunding is the new bake sale for advocacy and action. Learn how school librarians benefit from pooling testimonials from their advocates to increase their influence on larger and perhaps untapped audiences. In addition to, librarians have embraced AdoptAClassroom,


Sponsoring Unit: Texas Association of School Librarians


Using Crowdsourcing to Solve Advocacy Challenges



Principals Know: School Librarians Are the Heart of the School

This video was crowdsourced by Dr. Judi Moreillon and Dr. Teresa Starrett using funds provided by the Texas Library Association, Demco, and the Dean's Research Funds (College of Professional Education, Texas Woman's University).


Force Field Analysis for Principal Education


Force Field Analysis Handout (.docx) jm_TLA_Handout_Force_Field_Analysis_landscape.docx


For more information about force field analysis and for some examples, see MindTools: Essential Skills for an Excellent Career ( This page also provides strategies for assigning point values to various forces.


Judi's Crowdsourcing PPT: Crowdsourcing_PPTX_TLA_16_jm_042116.pptx


Crowdfunding Example: Hunt, Melissa. "Creating a Tech-Rich Classroom on $75." 6 Jun. 2016. Web. 7 Jun. 2016. <>.